Am not interested in the Drama

“You cannot exercise love if you haven’t tasted greed. Anything else is mere lust!” – Roopa, I

“Balance is the synonym of Life” – Roopa, I

“Sometimes, the solution to a problem is not solving it.. But to live through the problem.” – Roopa, I

“Morons try hard compelling you to act like them. Be strong. Keep calm. Behave not like them. Your day will come!” – Roopa, I

“Life is a stage and we’re actors in it. Life is easy if we think about the purpose of the plot and not worry about the plot itself!” – Roopa, I

“You don’t always have to look it at the good way.. You can look at it the real the way too!” – Roopa, I

“Sometimes, the solution to a problem is not solving it.. But to live through the problem.” – Roopa, I

“The next time you find someone repeating a thing over and over again.. Console yourself knowing that people only do what they’re familiar with otherwise they’d be called ‘Great'” – Roopa, I

“You can fall in love, but it is wise to protect your self identity” – Roopa, I

“Remember.., playing for myself.. plays you out. I don’t wrestle with Rats!” – Roopa, I

“It’s not weight of what you say but the weight of how you say that counts when you are selling in a world full of buyers” – Roopa, I

“It requires less skill and more discipline to get a work done. The one with equal skill and discipline it’s a truly blessed one!” – Roopa, I

“Trying to sell your originality in the world that is busy mimicking others is called as bravery” – Roopa, I

“In the gamble for good character, wonder how many good looking men one loses! But it saves one from ounces of bitter moments and separation!” – Roopa, I

“I’m too original to mimic others’ actions” – Roopa, I

“You can never get to the place you want to be just by making ‘smarter’ choices for a lifetime!
That is the path of the cowards.. the courageless beings!
Winners take chances, they take risks.. and then they win! Gloriously!” – Roopa, I

“My emotions run deeper.. ears don’t suffice, you need to have a heart to listen to it!” – Roopa, I

“No thinking is bad.. Including unnecessary thinking unless.., it is worrying” – Roopa, I

“A true hero is never determined until the battle is over” – Roopa, I

“To stop being chased, stop running!” – Roopa, I

“Like respect, a woman should be earned by a man” – Roopa, I

“Be careful about who you don’t want to be. It’s possible to dig your pit yourself and fall into it too!” – Roopa, I

“Life ain’t about the destination.. It’s all about the journey and that’s what makes a thoughtful fall in love with the Game of Life!” – Roopa, I

“Reasons are everywhere.. be it success or setbacks. So you choose what your reasons are and they decide your destiny” – Roopa, I

“Did you just say you’re ‘first’? Well, I say you’re just a repetition.. and not the first of its kind. #Originality #Leadership” – Roopa, I

“Just because you don’t have a kingdom.. It doesn’t make me any less queen.” – Roopa, I

“I don’t compete. I race differently!” – Roopa, I

“A sharp tongue cuts itself. Critical eyes burn their own eyes.” – Roopa, I

“Emotions peppered with thinking crafts personality” – Roopa, I

“Originality is devoid of ‘general knowledge’!” – Roopa, I

“A person’s success has little to do with the performance of the odds.” – Roopa, I

“Your ideals talk more about you than your image in the mirror” – Roopa, I

“The more you try to pull me down.. the more I treat it like a gravitational pull and ride my rocket way up, higher and higher in the sky! Am a star!” – Roopa, I

“Embrace problems in such a style that they would fall in love with you and resolve themselves!” – Roopa, I

“Success is a measure of progression not ability!” – Roopa, I

“Color your life with a stroke of passion!” – Roopa, I

“You can’t get a mistake working.. You have to device a solution that is right instead.
If it isn’t working, Think Different!” – Roopa, I

“Just smile and stay quite.. when nobody is aware of the turbulent journey behind that smile.” – Roopa, I

“I don’t set goals.. I Dream!, for living dreams is more exciting than reaching goals.” – Roopa, I

“I do not preach anything. I only live the life I want to preach. I know you’ll start mimicking me.” – Roopa, I

“Blog your thoughts. You’ll never know how wonderful you are unless you don’t show it to the world!” – Roopa, I

“They say confusion is a sign of growth. If you can’t help society grow, then make sure you confuse the society!” – Roopa, I

“I’m Great and I chose to fight only Alexander, The Great.. I don’t fight cats and dogs.” – Roopa, I

“I have more complaints because I know what am looking for.

Never settle until you get what you want!” – Roopa, I

“I would have immense respect even towards a person who’d hate me.. But there can’t be a penny’s respect towards a person who fakes Love!” – Roopa, I

“You can never be right about my journey unless you’ve worn my shoes and walk the journey I’ve walked!” – Roopa, I

“Struggle is what you call it.. When the best of your efforts doesn’t match up with that of rest!” – Roopa, I

“People are only as busy as their priorities.” – Roopa, I

“Push yourself into trouble once in a while.. You might forget the value of your life otherwise.” – Roopa, I

“You might bid on me because of my father.. my brother.. my family.. But you would not want to let me go because am a fabulous person!” – Roopa, I

“To elevate from the norm alone is the ultimate! ” – Roopa, I

“If you’re unable to get through the ready made solution.. Get into the trouble first.” – Roopa, I

“Expressing seriousness over anything sometimes only complicates the enitre concept of life.

Things go fine otherwise, as they carry no expectation..” – Roopa, I

“A sculpture is formed only when slowly chopped through the shapeless stone and not by blowing a sum of energy over it.

Sometimes, staying through the process and not rushing all at once is important to achieve best results!” – Roopa, I

“Yes, I don’t have a big heart – I just have it a fist’s size. & yes, I live in reality.., most of the time.” – Roopa, I

“Most values learnt in life are the syllabus that your elders couldn’t teach you but expected to be learnt by yourself.. and yet pass the examination of life with a good rank!” – Roopa, I

“Life has trained me enough to be someone different from what comes in the blood. Sigh!” – Roopa, I

“Be it kiddish.. Be it the biggest mistake of my life… I always want you to be with me, to lift me up in life, in all circumstances! Oh Lord!” – Roopa, I

“When two broken entities try to be together – it only causes friction! Be it things! Be it relationships!” – Roopa, I

“If you’re thinking philosophical.. Sorry, you’re already biased with your decisions” – Roopa, I

“It isn’t that I don’t know how to appreciate.. It’s just that I don’t go all praises for flashes of intelligence!” – Roopa, I

“Fear not the embarrassment. Ensure that your work attracts attention.. If not an applause at least a laughter.” – Roopa, I

“I’m happily sad.. Bidding last rights to all my unproductive habits!!” – Roopa, I

“I don’t seek to grow faster.. I seek to grow stronger instead!” – Roopa, I

“The BEST, really.. comes for a cost.” – Roopa, I

“Facing your biggest fear first is the most thrilling adventure!!” – Roopa, I

“Critics are like those stairs under your feet.. Face them and step over critics to reach the pinnacle!!” – Roopa, I

“There are hundred things to learn before executing anything and execution is the surest way of learning those hundred things.” – Roopa, I

“Jobs should be ended the way they were started. It is disastrous otherwise.” – Roopa, I

“What is good or bad without context? And when you are out of context.. You are just You. Not good!.. Not bad! Good.. Or Bad.. Can never be a definition of The You!” – Roopa, I

“I won’t be humble to god when I do a good job. I won’t be sorry to god if I do a bad job. I allow ‘God’ to be ‘God’. I don’t turn him to be a human being.. for God to be above all human beings and for me.. to turn up to him like a small child in any situation of my life.. Good, or Bad!” – Roopa, I

“The best way to preach, is, to be silent despite tempting surroundings!” – Roopa, I

“Smile at the failure and the failure turns away!” – Roopa, I

“Once I set my goals, I never think of them again. The moment I think of my goal.., I’m already deviated!” – Roopa, I

“Any thing can exist only at one place at a given point of time – either in reality or on papers!
Don’t just jot down your goals, DO it!” – Roopa, I

“That which is not real will die even before its life span has ended!” – Roopa, I

“I always do a better job towards reaching my goal only when I don’t think of my goal.. And the moment I think of my goal, i’m already deviated from my goal!” – Roopa, I

“In life, I go silent despite having opinions only on two occasions. One is, when I’m impressed about somebody’s intelligence… and the other is, when I see foolishness!” – Roopa, I

“I don’t want to do anything less in my job fearing about problems, for facing problems anyway… – Go ahead with the Risk!” – Roopa, I

“You know the world is lying to you, the world knows you are lying to them, you know you are lying, the world knows they are lying…
Then, why is still everyone lying?!” – Roopa, I

“You don’t respect the world.., The World doesn’t respect you!” – Roopa, I

“In anger, even a dog bites.. What’s so new in a human being doing it?, the one with a well developed brain!” – Roopa, I

“Many a times, we utter the characteristic that we are not! – but end up expecting it in others” – Roopa, I

“In life, one should be seeking help only under two conditions – either you are very helpless or you are definitely in a position to help back the person who helped you.” – Roopa, I

“Hurry or Worry will not solve the problem… Because on earth, only solving the problem solves the problem!” – Roopa, I

“A Thing or a Person – one that doesn’t hold any value for you shouldn’t ever be valued by you.. Not even by mistake!” – Roopa, I

“You can help change a Kid.., but not a Kid who’s just grown older!” – Roopa, I

“I’m not good! – I know that. I’m not bad! – I know that, too. I’m a Human Being is what I always want to remind myself to be!” – Roopa, I

“I don’t expect everyone to understand me! Because.., I know everyone in the world are not psychologists. But, I do make people understand.. – only by speaking my mind.” – Roopa, I

“I have an opinion on everything. Not because I’m  judgmental.. but because I see and try understanding everything clearly.” – Roopa, I

“Sometimes.., people are well communicated for  miscommunication.” – Roopa, I

“I can do everything – I will either work out a solution by myself or, understand and imitate others’ solution.
In any situation, I definitely have one of them working for me!” – Roopa, I

“Let’s work only for the sake of working and achieving.. guess the rest is taken care by itself..” – Roopa, I

“This day, I show anger at you, I shout at you, and I do everything, just to put out my pain – caused by your hurting words. The next day, I come to you and invite you for a new beginning of relation between us, forgetting the past.. not because I have made a mistake or because I’m a kid.. but because I really cannot bother about problems for long..” – Roopa, I

“Life is not Logical! But it is strange that I arrived at this through logic..” – Roopa, I

“When I’m true to myself and to God.. when I’m honest to myself and to God.. Even the fear fears to fear me.” – Roopa, I

“It is important to be clear about what you are up to. Or else, you may get caught in your own web!” – Roopa, I

“If a word of thought or feeling in mind, spills out by mistake before people.. it is treated as an obligation towards the people.
If a word of thought or feeling in mind, spills out as a writing on a blog.. it is treated as words from God reaching millions of people!
This is strange…” – Roopa, I

“Go ahead. Problems runaway looking at your grit and the fire to solve them” – Roopa, I

“If I owe to somebody for all the good things in my life, then that somebody is to be held responsible for all the misdeeds in my life too!” – Roopa, I

“I’m building a home that cannot give shelter to me. God, what am i up to?.. I’m having a roadless travel!” – Roopa, I

“A King is always a King! Whether at the palace or across the streets.. a King never begs!” – Roopa, I


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